Date: May 5, 2002
Time: 6:30AM - 3:00PM
Ramp: Black River Wharf Boat Ramp
Pairings Finish
1 Vern Boecher Larry Pennington   1 Nathan Youngs 5 16.56
2 Steve Barker Jim Miller   2 Steve Barker 4 15.56
3 Dave Stuck     3 Boyd Downey 5 15.43
4 Nathan Youngs Mike Baumlein   4 Dave Wedertz 3 11.88
5 Steve Ganger     5 Mike Baumlein 4 10.58
6 Bob Flowers Tim Cramer   6 Jim Miller 3 9.50
7 Nick McCullough Clint Stuck   7 Tim Cramer 1 3.20
8 Dave Wedertz Matt Klingelhofer   8 Vern Boecher 1 3.06
9 Boyd Downey Todd Prall   9 Nick McCullough 1 2.75
10       10 Clint Stuck 1 2.74
11       11 Matt Klingelhofer 1 2.58


The second club tournament of the season for the Trophy Bassmasters was held this past weekend at the Black River and adjoining Lake Erie near Lorain Ohio. Some truly impressive catches were brought to the scales despite the bite being very slow. Only 29 keeper smallmouth bass of at least 14” were brought in by the 15 anglers but they totaled 93.83lbs. All were released alive. A repeat winner from the Indian Lake event was Nathan Youngs. He outdistanced the entire field with a 5 bass limit weighing 16.55lbs.

 The fish that had the other anglers buzzing though was his biggest bass of the creel which proved to be Big Bass for the day.  His 5.90lb smallmouth anchored his catch to give him 1st and the Big Bass award. Nathan’s efforts moved him into 1st place in the 2002 Mr. Bass point standings. Second place went to Steve Barker. His 4 smallmouth weighed 15.56lbs for nearly a 4lb average. Boyd Downey had a 5 fish limit and 15.43lbs for the 3rd place award. For further info on this event and the club’s other activities check out their website at
Comfort Inn  
739 Leona St
Elyria, OH 44035
Phone: (440) 324-7676

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The Black River Wharf Boat Launch
14th and Broadway
Lorain, Ohio



From Kenton:
Here are directions for the Black River boat ramp and the Comfort Inn Motel for the club tournament on May 5th and the Regional on May 11th & 12th. 
    If you are going to the boat ramp first, get to the Ohio Turnpike the easiest way you can. Go East. The turnpike becomes I-80. Stay on I-80 to exit 8 and route 57(Lorain Blvd). Go north on 57 to 14th street. Turn right on 14th street. You are at the ramp. You can also take exit 8a and I-90 to exit 145 and route 57. Go north on route 57 to 14th street.
     If you are going to the Comfort Inn first, which is our Motel for both weekends, follow the first set of directions and stay on I-80 to exit 8 and route 57(Lorain Blvd). Go North on route 57 to Griswold Rd. Turn left on Griswold to Leona St. Turn right on Leona and the Comfort Inn is right there.
    To get to the boat ramp from the motel, just get back on route 57 North and turn right on 14th street.


  Driving time is about 3 1/2 hours.
    We have reservations for 7 rooms on Saturday night, the 4th of May which is our club tournament. That is 2 people per room. The rooms have 2 queen beds and are roughly $50.00 to $55.00 per night. If any of you want to double up and stay 3 or 4 per room, let  me know and we can make cancellations. We have the same basic arrangement for the next weekend and the Regional tournament. We have 10 people going and 5 rooms for Saturday, May 11th. We have 4 rooms for Friday, May 10th,  as Chris Swygart and Mike Baumlein will not be arriving until Saturday morning. Once again, if any of you want to double up and stay 3 or 4 per room, let  me know and we can make cancellations. If you want to do this, do not wait until the last minute. Give me 3 or 4 days notice.
    Any questions, please get in contact with me.




The Reef Buoys have been removed for the season. Use the lat/lon coordinates below to locate them.

The Cleveland Stadium Artificial Reefs were made in 1998 of clean stadium concrete rubble.  There are two reefs located NW of the Edgewater Ramp and Marina, and one located NE of the Euclid/Wildwood State Park Ramp and Marina.  One buoy has been placed near the midpoint of each reef.  They will be removed in October.  They are white and orange cigarette - style buoys with an orange square and bear the words "Art. Reef" on them.  Do not tie-up to or anchor near the buoys.  Fish like smallmouth bass and yellow perch have been seen by video crews and divers in a "halo" orientation around the reefs, so it is not necessary to be right on top of them for angling success.

Remember that artificial reefs, such as these off Cleveland, Lakewood, and Lorain, are designed to attract and hold fish so to improve nearshore angling opportunities and so divers can utilize them for viewing purposes.  They do not aid in spawning or improving sport fish populations; they just concentrate the fish! Too much fish harvest from these reefs could lead to overexploitation. Natural habitat protection and restoration, and restricted harvest, are the best methods for improving the health of Lake Erieís valuable fish populations.

Location of the Cleveland Stadium and other area artificial reefs:

NOAA Chart #14829 (Lat./Lon. values given in Degrees-Minutes-and decimals places of minutes)

Stadium Artificial Reefs:

Edgewater Artificial Reef "A" (North)

41 30 .148 N

81 45 .575 W

~ 36 feet

Edgewater Artificial Reef "B" (South)

41 29 .970 N

81 45 .416 W

~ 32 feet

Euclid Artificial Reef "C"

41 35 .933 N

81 33 .804 W

~ 32 feet


Other Area Artificial Reefs:

Cuyahoga County Commissioners' Reef

41 30 .175 N

81 47 .266 W


Experimental Reef A

41 30 .271 N

81 47 .533 W


Experimental Reef B

41 30 .256 N

81 47 .041 W


Lorain Mountain Reef

41 28 .150 N

82 12 .750 W


Lorain Polish Fishermen's Club Reef

41 28 .076 N

82 12 .758 W